simuPOP OperatorsΒΆ

simuPOP is large, consisting of more than 70 operators and various functions that covers all important aspects of genetic studies. These includes mutation (k-allele, stepwise, generalized stepwise), migration (arbitrary, can create new subpopulation), recombination (uniform or nonuniform), gene conversion, quantitative trait, selection, penetrance (single or multi-locus, hybrid), ascertainment (case-control, affected sibpairs, random), statistics calculation (allele, genotype, haplotype, heterozygote number and frequency; expected heterozygosity; bi-allelic and multi-allelic , and linkage disequilibrium measures; , and ); pedigree tracing, visualization (using R or other Python modules). This chapter covers the basic and some not-so-basic usages of these operators, organized roughly by genetic factors.